Through the stages of my life I have found myself (what’s the right word?) entangled with different types of music. It has been part of me since a young age. The funny thing is that I love so many varied types of music. I have listened to genre after genre and somehow I keep on enjoying them. I won’t say that I have not found some kinds of music that are just not for me, because I have. There are some kinds of music that I just don’t understand even though I am an open minded person who walks into trying most things with an open mind. As an example, I can’t get behind Jazz music. I am sorry but most of it is very erratic and in my opinion needs some structure. (I know that many people will gasp when they read that)

When I was young I was influenced by my mother of coarse. She loved her some Elvis. I grew up hearing his music and loved it but what you don’t realize is that my father listened to country music. That’s right the good old boys. That stuck with me a bit more while growing up. I loved to listen to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and George Jones. That Stage took me right up until I found who is undoubtedly my favorite singer of all time, Mr. Garth Brooks. I was lucky enough to see Garth Live before he decided to take some time off to raise his children and it was the best concerts I had seen or have seen since. He sure did make you feel like you got value for your money. I remember fireworks as well as a very active and entertaining show. It was great!

On another note I must say that I was influenced by my friends and neighbors when I became attached to my next favorite genre, Rap. I have always enjoyed listening to wordsmiths create a rhythmic flow of words. It is art, pure and simple. Anyone who has ever heard one of the great rappers go off about a politically driven topic can understand what I am saying. I know that anyone who really listened to Tupac or Eminem with an open mind regarding their point of view would feel the same way.

Some people might not understand how a person could really like such drastically different approaches to music but I say there is art in many things and should be appreciated by all. That is why you should not be surprised when I tell you that when Metallica comes on I explode a little bit inside. There is nothing like a Rockin’ Metallica guitar solo. Makes me want to get in the pit and spread some love…

Luckily for me I can access all of those on my handy dandy Winamp.

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