My First

Let me explain that I have not spent a lot of time around computers. I don’t have a lot of experience with them at all. I have been using my home PC of about a year now. That’s right, I just got a home PC. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have never used a computer. I’ve had one on my desk at work for years & I have been know to lay my hands on one here and there for leisure as well but I did not use one regularly. Nor did I have one in my house…

It was my children who finally talked me into getting a home computer. I have to admit that I sure do enjoy having it though. You can do so many things on it. For example, the reason my kids wanted me to have it initially was the email. They can send me letters or pictures instantaneously. It’s really quite amazing. If that was the only thing that my home computer did for me I would have gotten my value out of it long ago but it does so very much more. I have spent lots of time now getting to know my computer.

There are lots of things I enjoy doing on it like speaking to my grandchildren face to face even though they are thousands of miles away. I can just dial them up anytime I like and talk directly to them like they were sitting right here in front of me. Back when I was a kid we would have considered ourselves very lucky even just to talk to our grandparents on the phone from that far away what with the rates of long distance calls back then. Now I can call anywhere in the country for one low price monthly. I don’t even have to worry about a per minute charge anymore.

One thing I noticed on my computer was that it was not very convenient to access and use all of the different formats of music I have. It seemed like I had music everywhere that I would have to access from different players…. I also did not really even like the way they looked and felt when I was using them. I knew there had to be a better way to access and listen to my favorite music. When I looked around and asked some of my friends what they would recommend I came across one of my favorite tools, the Winamp. This handy little piece of software is amazing. Not only can you access media from a range of different formats but you can actually customize the look and feel of the device. I Love It!

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